Michael Rich  

Globe      Media Computing, Inc.

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Information management professional experienced in government, military, and private business operations

   Level1Bullet   Subject Matter Expert (SME) in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) US and Coalition armed forces' systems

   Level1Bullet   SME in air/ground search and rescue Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

   Level1Bullet   IS and IT management including application software development


   Level1Bullet   8 years UAV Predator (MQ-1) / Reaper (MQ-9) Close Air Support Tactics Instructor for US and Coalition Armed Forces

   Level1Bullet   14 years air/ground search and rescue

   Level1Bullet   17+ years management consulting
            Business, program, and project management
            Product line management
            Application software including IS, IT
                 Level2Bullet   Custom software development projects - small, medium, and large scale
            Software and hardware
                 Level2Bullet   Alternative evaluation studies and implementation
                 Level2Bullet   User training and strategy
                 Level2Bullet   Conversion planning
            System testing, system implementation, maintenance and enhancements

Professional Highlights

   Level1Bullet   UAV Predator/Reaper (drones)
             Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems SME
                 Level2Bullet   Custom air and ground based systems design, installation, and testing
             Close Air Support Tactics Instructor for US and Coalition Armed Forces
                 Level2Bullet   350+ sorties Green Flag, Emerald Warrior, Cactus Starfighter, etc.

   Level1Bullet   Search and Rescue
           FEMA air/ground search and rescue SME
            Mission Pilot and Incident Commander
                 Level2Bullet   300+ missions including Homeland Security and US Border

   Level1Bullet   Consulting
             US Senate, Washington, D.C.
             CBS Network News, New York City
             BON Electronics, Seoul, Korea
             Amtrak, Washington, D.C.
             University of Alaska, Anchorage
             Sky TV, London


   Level1Bullet   Secret Clearance - April 2011

   Level1Bullet   PMP (Project Management Professional) - PMI (Project Management Institute)

   Level1Bullet   BS, Communications with Electrical Engineering minor and post-graduate work in computer science and business

   Level1Bullet   Helicopter and Fixed Wing Airplane Pilot

   Level1Bullet   FCC Broadcast Engineer - Commercial General Class License


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